Selling during the holidays: 15 tips for decorating a listed home

Selling during the holidays: 15 tips for decorating a listed home

December 04, 20233 min read


The holiday season is upon us, and for those looking to sell their homes, it's an opportunity to showcase your property in a warm and inviting light. Striking the perfect balance between festive cheer and a well-staged home can make all the difference. Here are 15 holiday decorating tips for home sellers and agents:

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  1. Opt for Subtle Tones

    Choose neutral and elegant color schemes that seamlessly blend with your home's existing palette. Subtle tones create an atmosphere that appeals to a broad range of potential buyers.

  2. Inclusive Décor

    Consider non-religious or broadly inclusive decorations to appeal to a wider range of potential buyers. Inclusive décor ensures that your home feels welcoming to everyone.

  3. Space-Conscious Trees

    Opt for slim or tabletop Christmas trees to save space while still infusing your home with festive charm. Space-conscious trees ensure that rooms feel open and inviting.

  4. Depersonalize

    One of the most fun parts of this season is pulling out old photos and heirlooms that remind us of family and friends. Unfortunately, if you’re selling a house it’s better to keep those precious memories packed away for next year.

  5. Simple Centerpieces

    Use understated centerpieces on tables to avoid clutter and maintain a clean, polished look. Simple yet elegant arrangements can enhance the overall aesthetic.

  6. Coordinated Ornaments

    Stick to a cohesive theme with carefully chosen ornaments that complement your home's style. A unified look adds a touch of sophistication to your holiday decorations.

  7. Subtle Scents

    We all love our holiday candles, but keep in mind that many people are sensitive to scents. Be mindful not to use strong holiday fragrances to ensure a pleasant and subtle experience. Opt for lighter scents like Vanilla, Jasmine and Amber.

  8. Less is more on the Fireplace Mantel

    Remember that a fireplace is often a focal point of a room. Use a few large items instead of lots of small items to create a balanced and appealing display that draws attention without overwhelming the space.

  9. Elegant Stockings

    If you hang stockings, opt for stylish and coordinated designs that contribute to the overall aesthetic. Keep colors neutral and light.

  10. Neatly Arranged Holiday Cards

    Display received holiday cards in an organized and attractive manner, perhaps on a bulletin board or string.

  11. Subdued Outdoor Lighting

    This is not the year to unleash your inner Clark Griswold! Instead of going overboard, use lighting to highlight and enhance the exterior features of the home. Lights should be neat, uniform, and “just enough.”

  12. Less (words) is best

    Avoid décor with a lot of sayings and writing. This can make a space look cluttered, and distract from the home’s features!

  13. Mind your Floor Space

    It can be tempting to push furniture closer together or into corners in order to accommodate decorations, but this should be avoided. There should be plenty of space for buyers to move freely throughout your home without bumping or brushing things. It’s better to remove a non essential furniture item (like an end table or accent chair) or skip some decor than to have a space feel cluttered.

  14. Avoid Overcrowding

    Resist the urge to overwhelm spaces with numerous decorations. Opt for fewer items that are easy to move, creating a visually appealing and flexible environment.

  15. Quick Cleanup Solutions

    Opt for easy-to-clean decorations in case of last-minute showings. Quick cleanup solutions allow you to maintain a pristine and inviting home throughout the selling process. Save the tinsel and artifical snow for next year!

Remember, the key is to strike a balance between holiday cheer and maintaining a staged and inviting home. By incorporating these tips, you can create a festive atmosphere that resonates with potential buyers, making your home stand out during this special season.

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